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A German gaming news website has published images from the World of Warcraft movie trailer viewed at Blizzcon. Blizzard officials forbade the taking of photos and/or video to keep images of its new trailer from hitting the web – and this German gaming site has creatively gotten around this term by publishing shots from the trailer which have been drawn by hand by their editor, Tanya.

Full Source Article Located Here: In German

We have loosely translated the relevant parts of the article for you with the author’s comments on the trailer below!  MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS REGARDING LORE AND WARLORDS OF DRAENOR.


Warcraft the Movie: Trailer in Pictures
The trailer begins with a breathtaking panoramic view of Stormwind. Warcraft fans know the city with the unmistakable hero statues immediately. The Alliance Capital appears real, the medieval buildings are clean, but not perfect. Unlike in the game, the roofs are not colorful but highly detailed, you can see how the fired clay roof tiles shine in the sunlight. In the background stands proud of the white tower of the Cathedral of Stormwind. The architectural style of the cathedral is reminiscent of a Gothic cathedral.


Birds or gryphon riders fly over the camera and then over the rooftops of the city. One can see the short zooming dealer, going about their business. People seem to live in times of peace and prosperity. The armories are full but closed.

The Journey of the Orcs

Then change the picture, you can see exactly the opposite. A group of orcs moving with their belongings through a desolate, dusty desert. The orcs seem to be tired, all with bowed shoulders and looking at the ground. The camera zooms in on two orcs, leading the group. It is Durotan and he is wearing the hairstyle of Classic Thrall! He and his companions tell each other something, then Durotan’s companion throws a sack over his shoulders and walks on. Durotan stands still and more orcs move past him. The chief of the Frostwolf Clan turns around and takes a look at the Dark Portal. The orcs must have just arrived in the Blasted Lands. Durotan says with a deep voice, “his home, his world was dead and there was no longer any place to which they can return”.


The Paladins of the Silver Hand

Then the scene changes again to the people. A messenger runs through the long halls of a chapel, which is guarded by many soldiers in shining armor. Everywhere there are the blue banners  decorated with a silver handit must be Light’s Hope Chapel. When the messenger arrives, he speaks with a heavily armored man sitting in the middle of the hall on a high chair. The camera zooms in on a knight and you can see – it’s Lothar! His face is drawn and full of concern of age. He leans heavily on his leg when the messenger brings his mysterious message. The paladin looks short to ground, then nods and gets up. He moves quickly through the halls and his men follow him.


Dalaran, the floating city of the Magi

Then we see the panorama of Dalaran. Strangely, the magic city already hovers in the sky. If the film is set in the time of the first war, then Dalaran should actually still on the shore of Lordamere Lake. But a floating city in the sky just looks epic!


The camera zooms into town and you see three high elves who kneel on a platform, exhausted and rigid at first, stunned on the ground. One’s eyes crackle with magical energy, light blue and violet. The narrator explains that war comes. Suddenly the foremost Elf turns around and looks directly at the camera. His face is covered in blood, then he looks back concerned.


Medivh and Khadgar

Now the location changes. Two men walk through a street that was full of people. A marketplace? The older man wearing a long dark robe and relies on a staff. He seems to be a wizard. Those who remembers the old Warcraft 3 cinematics, sees immediately that it is Medivh. The same white beard, dark look and the raven feathers that are sewn to the shoulder-pieces of his robes all signs point to him. At his side a slender, unassuming boy wearing simple gray robe. That’s probably Kadhgar, Medivh’s apprentice. Both talk as they pass through the market. Kadhgar acts cautiously while Medivh tells him something. Perhaps the two are planning something. Maybe they are on their way to the Royal Palace and King Llane?


Durotan and first fortress of Frostwolf

The image then changes abruptly and shows a small, primitive Orc fortress middle of a wasteland. You can see orcs hoisting the Frostwolf Banner. Then  the two orcs close the heavy gate of the fortress. The camera moves to an orc tent. There you will witness a short, intimate moment, showing how Durotan watches over his sleeping pregnant woman Draka. She seems a little nervous. He looks sad and worried. His eyes look a little perplexed to his companion. In the close-up Durotan looks real life!

The chieftain finally grasps the hand of his wife, who holds in his sleep at the plump belly. She wakes up and says that she had felt his eyes all the time. He replied that he did not want to wake her up, and he thought that she was asleep. Draka then gently smiles.




Are you excited, dear fans? Are you all boarding the hype train? Do you want more? Well great, because I’m giving you more. Artist Yanmo Zhang was also at Blizzcon for the viewing of the trailer and has also drawn some gorgeous images which he has published to his DeviantArt located HERE with his comments. Because I’m just as excited as you, I will cross-post it here for your viewing pleasure – but please remember to visit his pages to say thank you and see the images at full size!

“Hello all fans! I know some of you didn’t get the chance to go Blizzcon 2014 to watch Warcraft Movie Trailer. But, I’ve watched it for over three times at Blizzcon and luckily I remember almost all the senses and just drew them out here.”



1st scene, in bird’s-eye view of Stormwind, epic, fantastic and amazing.



Sunset is shining above the city, indicates that the war is coming




An armory in Stormwind. Shining shields on walls and weapons by racks.


Scene into the Throne Hall of King, so holy! King Llane is sitting on throne, Lothar and Medivh (I guess) standing in front of throne.



Close up of King Llane is thinking, maybe he’s hearing Lothar reporting the war




In Blasted Lands (or outland?), a green lightning pierces the sky




Horde now! The army behind him slowly forward.




Orcs are moving forward.




An orc is watching Dark Portal.
Aside saying – Our hope is destroyed, there is nothing to go back too.




Dalaran comes, magic and fabulous. The whole city is slowly sliding into clouds.




Three elves are moving and watching forward, one of them turns his head over.
Aside saying – Is the war… the only answer?



Last scene. Durotan is watching his wife, their camp was burned down, his eyes showing sadness. His wife is trying to comfort him, he also used to comfort eyes looking back to her. Expression and details are so real, fine and smooth. That’s too cool. can’t waiting 2016.

Thanks for watching my works!

WOW! The images were posted to and the comments from those who saw the trailer are really fantastic:


Supposedly the trailer to the Warcraft movie was the visually most impressive thing since Avatar, according to several people who saw it at blizzcon.

I’m not a huge movie person but I just NEED to see this one.






The trailer was pretty good looking, but not amazing. However, after it ended. Duncan Jones said it was an early version of the effects, and showed a more finalized shot of Durotan (the final one in this gallery, but you don’t see his wife). That Durotan shot was the best CG I’ve ever seen, and I do CG for a living. I went and watched that trailer 4 times that weekend just for that shot.



This^ I watched that trailer that many times as well. That scene w Durotan almost brought me to tears every time (and I’m more of an Alliance guy, so that’s saying something). I was so stunned by how real it looked I (along with everyone else) didn’t even know how to react. This was an Orc captured on film. No doubt in my mind a living breathing orc. And he had a soul. You could see it in his eyes and in the breaths he was taking. Absolutely stunning.



The CGI Durotan was so freakin’ realistic! (I was there, I saw it in person). It brought tears to my eyes because he was sad… You would totally believe that he’s an actor



So there you have it! Beautiful images for those of us who unfortunately missed the trailer and reassuring comments from those in attendance who did have the privilege to see it. We can expect to see a trailer in the future, however upon showing the trailer at Blizzcon movie staff reminded attendees that there were no completed shots yet and even the trailer was still undergoing heavy work.

Stay tuned for more as I do my best to crawl the web and bring Warcraft movie progress right to you!


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