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Battle for Azeroth – Week 2 in Review

I can happily say that last week I was able to obtain my [Void Elf Allied Race] after exhaustive grinding. The work was well worth the reward, as the 5% damage increase procs more often than you would think. A nice bonus to my single-target DPS, which I’m sure my dungeon-mates are grateful for. Speaking of dungeons, have you geared to 340 item level yet? It’s the goal my guild has set for anyone wishing to be on a progression raiding team. The brand new raid, Uldir, is right around the corner, and this is your last week to get that much-needed boost in gear. When the raid drops, you can bet on seeing fewer players roaming the islands as each guild battles for server first. Those who you do see will be the unfortunate few, left behind to secure gear as quickly as they can in order to participate in the [G’Huun]-killing action!

Another Quest, Another Dollar

Boralus Alliance BfA Capital (med)
World of Warcraft
Battle for Azeroth

After I had spent so much time grinding world quests for [Argussian Reach] reputation, I was burnt out on the whole routine. However, flying could be just around the corner and Blizzard has made a tradition out of requiring pathfinder achievements to fly in new content. For [Battle For Azeroth Pathfinder: Part 1] you will need [revered] reputation with all factions according to your alignment, be it Alliance or Horde.

This means I am now having to turn right back around and start completing world quests all over again. Jeez. It will be worth it though, especially when I am flying circles around players in [Boralus] who didn’t get the achievement yet.

Stuck in An Instance, for Instance

There was a point when we were playing during the second week that something odd happened. A few of my friends and I were all simultaneously in separate instances when we were all hit with a disconnect at the same time. Odd. Then, we received the same error message when trying to log back in. “World server down.” Puzzled, we immediately went to World of Warcraft’s server status list (which you can find [here]) and checked to see if our server was indeed offline. Nope, it was showing to be up and running just fine. After jumping through some hoops and contacting a moderator, it turned out that something had bugged out momentarily. Since we happened to be in an instance at the time, it stopped us from being able to retrieve our characters. In a sense, or characters were stuck in a kind of limbo wrought from broken instances. Luckily, moderators were able to move them out of the instances and get us back into the game. I wondered how many more players this happened to; funny how no one is really talking about this.

The Legend Of Mermaid Girl and Barnacle Man

Come Here, Uldir! World of Warcraft Warbringers Azshara still image 02 (med)
World of Warcraft
image from Warbringers: Azshara Uldir?

With the new [Warbringers: Azshara] short released at Gamescom came a wave of speculation and intrigue. Of course, the speculation channel of my playgroup’s Discord went wild with ideas, so I thought I’d share a bit of what we pretend to know for sure. Firstly, we can safely assume that it’s N’Zoth talking to Azshara—the big bad Old God that we talked about before. Okay, and don’t even get me started on how right about seeing him I was. Seriously though, that’s got to be N’Zoth. So if it is him, then the city that his gargantuan form is resting on has to be Ny’alotha, or “the sleeping city.” This is a place that players have never seen before in any sort of official World of Warcraft canonical medium. So we know we will see more of N’Zoth, and to see him we have to go to Ny’alotha. Safely assuming this information, that means that players will be taking a trip to the sunken city of Ny’alotha. Awesome; I wouldn’t mind a trip to the old seat of [The Black Empire]. I was tired of seeing green and demons everywhere anyways.

Oh My Dear Uldir

WoW BfA Uldir raid set Mythic plate
Oh dear, Uldir, indeed!

I know I have talked so much about my anticipation for the upcoming raid, so I wanted to end this week’s entry with a little disappointment. My god do the armor sets for [Uldir] look bland as hell. I mean, I get it. It’s supposed to represent the craftsmanship of the Titans, with stark contrasts of gold and silver metal, but c’mon, Blizzard. No particle effects, no floating components, none of the awesome fiery fel that players grew so spoiled by in [Legion]. It seems to me like they just wanted to get it over with, saying “here you go, deal with it.” Of course, I’m going to ravenously pursue the acquisition of the armor for more than just [Transmog] purposes, but couldn’t they have done just a bit more with it? Actually, I’m sure they could’ve.


Be sure to stick with us as Battle for Azeroth continues for updates on the release of Uldir, as well as reports on major bugs. Also, follow Word of the Nerd for updates on all things gaming!

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