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With week one of Battle for Azeroth release now drifting further into the past, it’s time to reflect. Every expansion release in World of Warcraft history has its problems, and we knew this time would be no different. As players eagerly awaited that quest from diamondskin Magni to pop up in real time on their screens I sat humbly atop my mount waiting for my epic journey to Kul Tiras. To my astonishment, it only took a few minutes. Just as soon as Alliance players were able to attain the [Heart of Azeroth] they were told to meet with the boy-king Anduin at his round table for a discussion. They entered the small throne room filled with hundreds of players told to do the same thing.

“Thanks For Coming”

Battle for Azeroth - King Anduin Wrynn
Anduin Wrynn, King of Stormwind
(Blizzard Entertainment)

Battle for Azeroth will be remembered among my playgroup for the dreaded “thanks for coming.” It was the text in King Anduin’s dialogue box and the only thing some players would be seeing for a few minutes. In my playgroup, a few players (including myself) listened to wonderful audio dialogue from [Jaina Proudmoore] only to be met with a terrible silence. A few juicy sentences of lore and then nothing. No direction, no quest, just clicking on King Anduin only to read the now-infamous “thanks for coming.” Luckily, after resetting our games and perhaps being placed in new instances, the quest worked fine. Afterward, we were eagerly transported to the island of [Kul Tiras].

They Were Dropping Like Flies

We were picking up quests left and right in Battle for Azeroth, opting to do all the possible quests near the starting zone rather than choose any new region to explore. Literally, we landed in [Boralus] and started heading north picking up whatever we could along the way. This goes on for a few glorious hours, and we are all leveling and enjoying the game. Then the great purge happens. First, it was [Illidan (server)]. The entire server goes down and a friend of ours picks it up on his Down Detector. Then came a few more. Our fingers were crossed, knowing that we played on a highly populated server. Disconnected from Kul Tiras. Our server was down. Completely shut off, and we couldn’t even transfer to alts on different servers. It stayed like this for a few hours, as my Discord grew impatient just sitting around the campfire telling stories while those on more fortunate servers played on.

The Influence of The Deep Blue

Kul Tiras Awaits - the Void is taking over
The Void, taking over… well, someplace!

In our last entry, we noted the appearance of the name of squid-like Old God N’Zoth in the upcoming raid. It seems, though, while leveling through regions such as [Stormsong (region)], that his name is not nearly the only influence he will have on the game. The void has taken hold of [Kul Tiras], empowering dark entities and awakening ancient horrors. Some of the NPCs actually make a reference to the “power of the deep” as they fall. As players eagerly await the release of [Ulduar]—ahem, [Uldir]—our thirst for Old God blood grows more powerful. The only way to fully quench it would be to take down another planet-consuming baddy such as N’Zoth.

Kul Tiras: World Quests Or Uninstall

It is imperative that you continue to faithfully complete your world quests and earn rep for your faction. With the ability to fly coming just around the corner, players will need to achieve the [Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder: Part One] achievement first. This requires reaching revered with all factions of either Zandalar or Kul Tiras. It will take longer than you may think, and you don’t want to be one of the unlucky ones who are sitting on the ground while people fly in circles around you. Also, it is a great way to gain artifact power for your newly obtained Heart of Azeroth. Doing them can be boring and time-consuming, but it will definitely pay off in the end to move 300% faster through the desert of Zandalar. Until then, welcome to Battle for Azeroth, and thanks for coming.

Sunrise over Stormsong Valley (Blizzard Entertainment)
Sunrise over Stormsong Valley
(Blizzard Entertainment)

Be sure to stick with us as Battle for Azeroth continues for updates on the story, as well as reports on major bugs. Also, follow Word of the Nerd for updates on all things gaming!   

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