Game Review – X-Wing Miniatures

The Star Wars fandom has had rise in fans. Coupled with the rise of tabletop games this leads into Star Wars tabletop games. The big one right now is X-Wing Miniatures game from Fantasy Flight. This game was quite fun to play with, with the help of the local group in my area. Down side of most miniature games is cost (cough cough…Warhammer), but this one isn’t so bad. Shell out $40 for the core set, this is only because you need some components in the box to play, like the dials and those fly pattern things. Other than that, each ship is sold individually, so you have to buy ships you want. This could easily get expensive if you’re not budgeting carefully.

X-Wing Miniatures

The manufacturers do their best to scale ships to each other, so some of the ships can be quite big. Each ship has their own flight patterns with pros and cons. For example, some ships may be able to turn faster, while others are slower but can take a hit or have some special effect. I like how the ships are so diverse.

Diversity doesn’t stops with the ships. Along with the ships you have cards that you can customize your fleet with. These can include main character pilots, special moves, or event unique equipment. If you want to fly as Boba Fett then fly as him, then maybe attach some kind of rocket.

X-Wing Miniatures

The game is mechanically well-built, as expected from a big game company like Fantasy Flight. You are never just sitting there for long with nothing to do. Actions are based on player turns, rather they are based on ship speed. So if both players have balanced fleets, then it should pass back and forth for a while until the round ends. This of course means very little down time and keeps every player engaged, even those players who are (SQUIRREL!) more easily distracted.

All in all I loved this game. You should at least give this a try. I am sure in your local game stores someone will have some extras to try with. Like with any game, people want to drag more players to their addiction. When you’re not playing you could just put your fleet on a shelf for neat decoration. Alright I will play with you later. Happy Gaming!

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