Is Xena Coming Back?

In this day and age there are reboots wherever you look (especially if you’re looking in the direction of a certain character named Peter Parker.)  Everything is being rebooted, but there are certain classics that should probably go untouched. Xena: Warrior Princess is, in my opinion, a classic in the latter option.  However, it was confirmed by EW that NBC is looking to reboot it.

I’m going to say there’s a difference between bringing back a cancelled show, or even a show that just ended with the original cast, and rebooting with an entirely new cast. Bringing back a show can be a good thing!  Heroes Reborn seems to have new life.  The Veronica Mars Movie was a hit. A show of the likes of Xena: Warrior Princess might even be more of a hit now than it was before, with fantasy shows having a larger general audience.

The project is in the barebones state as of right now. All we know is that NBC is thinking about a reboot.. There’s also no writer currently attached to the project. Lucy Lawless mentioned on previous occasions how much she’d like to reprise the role, something told Den of the Geek during this year’s comic con. On Monday she posted this:




At the moment, she doesn’t seem to know anything about it.  Fans might want a Xena: Warrior Princess reboot, but I’m guessing the attitude would change if Lucy Lawless isn’t attached to the project. Honestly can you imagine the iconic character of Xena portrayed by someone other than Lucy Lawless?

Sure, it could be that the project is barely off the ground; honestly, it’s probably still on the ground. It’s just a bit weird that Lucy wouldn’t be the first person they contacted, you know?  Then again, it could be a situation like Heroes: Reborn where a few of the cast members had no idea it was coming until they saw a teaser during the 2015 Super Bowl.

We don’t know much right now, so there’s no way to truly speculate about it. All I believe is that it has to have Lucy Lawless, otherwise I’m not sure it will work.

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