You Think They Would Have Learnt From The First Movie!

Taking things that don’t belong to you rarely ends well, especially in the world of movies. If you rob banks, you get shot. If you rob cars, you crash and burn. If you take someone’s virginity then chances are that when the axe wielding maniac does make it in to the house,you will be the first one chopped in the face!

But if you take any of Liam Neeson’s s#$t, then you are unleashing a whole different kind of hell! And if the S#$t you take happens to be his daughter then he will break you twelve different ways before lunch., as he proved in the first Taken movie. So you think that, after having their collective ass handed to them, the same group would think twice about taking his wife! But no. Stupid right? Well we are about to find out, as the second Taken movie, Taken 2 (nice), is in the post.

Maggie Grace(Hot Daughter)

In Taken we see Bryan Mills (Neeson), over protective farther and ex CIA agent, regret his decision to loosen the reigns and let his massively attractive daughter (Maggie Grace) go to Paris with a friend after she is kidnapped and sold in to prostitution. Bryan then goes on a rampage across France, kicking heads in, smashing organised crime syndicates and saving his daughter. If you haven’t seen it, its mint, go now and watch!

And now this…………..

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFZ2eQ0PpW4]

The mums, dads, brothers, sisters and bosses of the people the angry Mr. Mills battered in the first film are back for revenge and have taken his ex-wife (Famke Janssen). So he must open a fresh can of whoop-ass and save his family.


I for one am looking forward to this movie as the first was ace. If they can capture the action and intensity of the first movie, I don’t care if the story is pretty much the same. Neeson is great in this role and you find yourself simultaneously behind him and terrified that he might be behind you!

Taken 2 is out in the States in August 2012.




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