Young Justice Season 3 Premiere

Young Justice Outsiders Premiere
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Writers: Greg Weisman, Andrew Robinson, Brandon Vietti
Cast: Troy Baker, Jesse McCartney, Steve Blum, Nolan North, Stephanie Lemelin, Khary Payton
Rating: TV-PG
Network: DC Universe

The first three episodes follow a meta-human trafficking ring that forces changes in those with a meta-human gene.


Young Justice Is Back!

It has been over 5 years since the last episode of Young Justice on Cartoon Network. A show praised by fans and critics, it left audiences puzzled when it was announced that no more episodes were going to be made. Thanks to DC’s venture into a streaming service, we have it back! Season 3 is currently available on the DC Universe app. Or at least the first 3 episodes are available. With most of the creative team returning, including voice actors and the writing staff, it’s no wonder that the show has not lost any of its charm. The show continues to be, at its best, a strong exploration in the lives and emotions of these characters. And at its worst… I’m sure we still haven’t seen it at its worst. The show makes use of every moment to entertain. 

The Good

Young Justice: Outsiders (DC Universe)
Young Justice: Outsiders poster(DC Universe)

The show begins right where season 2 ends, giving a quick refresher before the time jump that has become commonplace in between seasons. A time jump is a risky move, as certain fans may resist changes to their beloved characters that they were not party to. But while certain stylistic character designs could be questioned, Greg Weisman and team have never misunderstood the core of these characters. Everything feels the same from performances to the animation. The interactions with each other are as if meeting up with friends you have not seen in a few months. The energy of the characters keeps you engaged.

The show has also matured since its sabbatical. I am aware the show always had mature themes that explored the consequences of your actions, and how relationships are affected in such an involving career field. The first batch of episodes, however, kicks it up a notch with a plot involving political corruption and the geopolitical status of the Justice League. But it’s not just in the plot you can see the more mature side of Young Justice: Outsiders; it is also in the blood and death. And there is a lot more blood and death this time around.

The performances from the voice cast continue to be enjoyable. With the original cast picking up their respective roles, it continues to feel as if the five years in between had never happened. And this season has Khary Payton picking up double duty this season, voicing Aqualad and delivering a powerful performance as Black Lightning. Voice acting legend Troy Baker is also a welcome addition to the cast. It will be exciting to see how the show makes use of his talent.

The Bad

Aqualad and Black Lightning - Young Justice: Outsiders (DC Universe)
Aqualad and Black Lightning – both voiced by Khary Payton

This section is going to be short. It is also just going to contain some really nitpicking stuff, such as using the same voice actor for Aqualad and Black Lightning. There is no mistaking that Payton plays both roles extremely well, but having to go “that voice sounds familiar” will still take you out of the story, even if only for just a moment. The only other real concern I have is involving the blood and death. It’s enjoyable to see the show grow from under the banner of Cartoon Network into something where the creators are not limited in how they tell their stories. But too much violence can lead to grotesqueness for grotesqueness’ sake, and I believe the show is better than that. Maybe not better—because I would still watch that show—but that is not the show Young Justice is.


Go watch it. If you were on the fence about DC Universe then get it for this show. It feels familiar and new at the same time, and if you were a fan before, you still will be. If it is your first introduction to Young Justice, then here is something new for you to enjoy. Weaving a narrative through the lives of these characters and crafting beautiful action sequences is where this shows thrives. I personally can’t wait to see the journey over the coming weeks.

But let us know what you thought of the first batch of episodes. Are there any moments you didn’t care for? Or are they any characters you want to see featured this season? 

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