Zack Snyder Reveals Man of Steel Character’s Fate

Antje Traue as Faora-Ul in Man of Steel (DC Entertainment)

The Fate of Faora

Man of Steel director Zack Snyder took to Vero and confirmed the fate of Faora-Ul. She met her demise at the hands of Christopher Meloni’s Colonel Nathan Hardy.

Snyder Verifies Villain On Vero

Antje Traue as Faora-Ul in Man of Steel, copyright DC Entertainment

When audiences last saw Faora-Ul, her own words were used against her. As the terraforming machine whaled away at Earth, Colonel Nathan Hardy heroically sacrificed himself by running his plane into the machine. The machine exploded, and Faora and her minions disappeared into the Phantom Zone. If you’re familiar with Superman lore, the Phantom Zone is Krypton’s prison dimension. However, every iteration of a character is open to interpretation. So, Zack Snyder did not provide a primer on his version of the Phantom Zone. As far as we knew, Faora could have died, been tortured forever, or met any number of fates worse than death for eternity, never to be seen from again.


But, the polarizing director confirmed the villain is still alive. On his official Vero account, he answered a fan question regarding Zod’s right-hand woman. The fan wrote:

“Hey @ZackSnyder I got a question from Man of Steel. Is Faora still alive? If yes, then will she come back to avenge her commander’s death? I’d very much like to see her go toe to toe with WW!”

Snyder replied with one word: “Yes.” Of course, that’s a multi-tiered question. But, it seems Faora is still in the Phantom Zone waiting for her revenge. The fate of the DCEU’s Superman is up in the air, but this provides a wonderful launchpad for any number of stories. She could team with Steppenwolf and Lex Luthor in a Justice League sequel. Perhaps she’ll resurrect her fallen commander in the form of Doomsday (again). Regardless, leaving the door open for Faora’s return is a smart idea that can provide a good connecting point to the larger DCEU.

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  • As much as I would like this to be true, this is fake. Zack Snyder has never replied to that “fan” – who initially claimed that Snyder had responded from his twitter account, but checking that, he obviously hasn’t.
    There is apparently no space for Faora in further Superman sequels, and likewise no lobbying for the actress who played her so memorably, Antje Traue, to reappear in future installments of the DCU saga. It is also doubtful that she would want to reappear as Faora unless that character is given a more interesting and expanded storyline. She has become much better known as an actress in Germany nowadays and wouldn’t take on any role anymore just because that pays her rent.

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