Zack Snyder Reveals His Plans For Robin

Zack Snyder’s Robin Blueprint

Filmmaker Zack Snyder answered a fan question about the Worlds of DC (formerly DCEU) plan for Robin. His answer confirmed many fan theories that this iteration of Robin is none other than Carrie Kelley.

Carrie Kelley’s Big Screen Debut That Wasn’t

Zack Snyder teases Carrie Kelley Robin (character copyright DC Comics) artwork by Daniel Govar
Carrie Kelley Robin (character copyright DC Comics) fan artwork by Daniel Govar

Zack Snyder is an ambitious director. He’s known for his adaptations of popular comic books and graphic novels. Notably, he follows many beloved works to the panel and has a keen eye for when to deviate from the source material. On paper, it makes perfect sense that Warner Bros. wanted him to shepherd the Worlds of DC universe in a similar fashion to Marvel’s Kevin Feige. Snyder cares about the minutiae and the fans notice that passion.

Unfortunately, after lackluster box office performance and a tragedy in his own family, the auteur’s future with WB and Worlds of DC is up in the air. However, this gives him the freedom to answer fan questions on social media. Snyder’s social media platform of choice is a Twitter alternative called Vero. Recently, he revealed the fate of Man of Steel‘s Faora-Ul. This week, fans asked him about Worlds of DC’s Robin, and he gave a tantalizing answer.

If you’ll recall, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice teased a Robin that met his demise at the hands of the Joker. When the film came out, it was confirmed that the suit belonged to Dick Grayson. Furthermore, Grayson’s death led Batman down the path of vengeance he’s in at the beginning of the film. Also, the film borrows heavily from The Dark Knight Returns, the popular Frank Miller story arc. So, it is not surprising to learn Snyder wanted Carrie Kelley in Worlds of DC.

On his Vero account, a fan asked: “Was there a plan to bring back Richard after Flashpoint or was Richard (Dick) Grayson meant to stay dead?!” Snyder cuts right to the chase: “Stay dead…till Carrie” he responded.

What Could Have Been

Well, there it is. Carrie Kelley was the planned Robin in Worlds of DC. Of course, WB can bring Carrie into the fold whenever. Heck, they would be smart to do so. She’s a popular character and doesn’t get much representation in other mediums. Hopefully, Flashpoint resets the Worlds of DC timeline in such a way that Carrie’s introduction feels organic. Seeing her outside the confines of The Dark Knight Returns would be a fun change of pace. What do you think? Should Carrie Kelley be added to Worlds of DC?

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