Zoe Quinn Launches Crash Override Network

If you’re not sure who Zoe Quinn is, let me give you the short version: She’s a woman that suffered at the hands of the internet in a controversy that blew up much bigger than it ever should have.  If you really want the nitty-gritty, I remind you of the internet.  You’re using it right now and I implore you to do a search through any engine for that name.  You’ll find more results than you could ever want! Once you sift through the BS, misogyny, and radical opinions from both sides, you’ll find a woman that’s a person, just like the rest of us.  Also, just like the rest of us, she wants to see others that suffer from any form of harassment online find peace or avoid problems all together.  Seems like a pretty awesome thing to do and I can’t fault her for it at all.

It would appear that Ms. Quinn and Alex Lifschitz have launched the new Crash Override Network.  You might be asking yourself:  Who are these people?  What do they do?  How do they do it?  These are all fantastic questions which you can answer much more fully on the website, but I’ll give you a little synopsis.  Crash Override is a support network that is fueled by those that have suffered at the hands of doxxers, internet bullies, SWATers, etc.  They help victims through a multitude of resources spanning from counselling to legal assistance.  They work “preventatively and reactively” to help stop or prevent harassment in any form from happening, period.

Some of you may be asking what doxxing is, and that I can answer.  Doxxing is the method of hacking a person personal information and posting it on the internet, usually a forum of some kind, for all of the world to see.  This then provides many security violations for the victim of the doxxing, and can lead to criminal mischief that no one would ever want to be victim of.

I, for one, am incredibly happy to see something like this come to pass.  Harassment is no longer the good ol’ fashion standard of people being horrible to each other face to face.  With the world of technology that we live in, there’s an infinite amount of ways to make someones life miserable through the internet.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could live in a world free of harassment?  Free of vile little trolls making peoples’ lives miserable? Free of the paramount of negativity? It keeps rising through the ashes, like a phoenix; except this fiery bird burns all of us.  That would be wonderful, but the reality is that it’s just not possible at this time.  So I say congratulations to Zoe and her partners for creating a unit to combat these things.  I hope only good comes of it, and I hope that they are able to continue bringing a semblance of peace to the victims out there.  

If you feel like you’re being harassed online or potentially harassed, look into the site and see what they can do for you. Even if you aren’t a victim, make a donation and be part of a great cause that could someday help you or someone you know.

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