Zoe Saldana in Talks to Play Gamora

Actress Zoe Saldana is in talks to play Gamora in GotG movie.
Actress Zoe Saldana is in talks to play Gamora in GotG movie.

Zoe Saldana is not a well-known actress, but she is a well-liked one. She’s best known for playing Uhura in JJ Abrams’ Star Trek reboot and for portraying Neytiri in Avatar. If the rumors are true, Ms. Saldana might add Gamora to her list of credits.

But this depends on whether she gets the role or not. The thing to remember about “In Talks” rumors is they are just rumors. The studios is very tight-lipped about their upcoming projects. Anything that the studios let the press know this early on amounts to table scraps and bread crumbs. In response, the press looks for anything that might give clues about who might be playing a role or not. It also makes any rumor newsworthy.

It’s better to wait until an official announcement comes out. In the past Marvel and Disney has been good about letting the press know who gets the part, who’s directing movie, and what it’s about.

The other question typically asked is if she’s right for the role.  Can you see Zoe Saldana, as a green-skinned assassin? The simple answer is,I don’t know and it’s pointless to speculate about it. What I do know is that the director or the studio feel that she’s a proper choice for the movie. Otherwise, she would not get to audition.


Can you imagine Zoe Saldana dressed as an Orion Slave Girl?

Comic books fans will recognize Gamora as a green-skinned assassin in the Marvel Cosmic story. Currently, Gamora is a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, a group of intergalactic cops. In the past, she acted as the head of an assassin’s guild, was a member of Warlock’s Infinity Watch, and even spent time as a bodyguard for Thanos of Titan.

Guardians of The Galaxy begins filming in July. It has an August 2014 release  date.

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Zor Saldana as Uhura, a role played first by Nichelle Nichols.


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