4 Essential Tools to Conquer the Zombie Apocalypse


Can You Survive and Conquer A Zombie Apocalypse?


At the time of this writing this, Bitcoin is worth $15,500, Russia got caught red-handed shooting down MA17, and we’re constantly on the brink of nuclear war with North Korea. The next apocalypse could hit us from any angle, so planet Earth falling to the hordes of zombies is no different.

So whether you’re building your zombie prep kit from scratch or just need to run down the checklist for last-minute additions, this is the gear you’ll need to survive the first wave of the undead.

1. Fully-Loaded Vehicle

We’d all love to drive the bus from Dawn of the Dead, but unless you’re a master welder and mechanic, that’s likely not a possibility. Instead, you can make basic modifications to your vehicle that are cheap, easy and effective. Now, a passenger car is fine, but choosing a mid-size truck or SUV with four-wheel drive is best when fighting zombies.

Still, you’ll want to avoid a full-size V8 for better fuel efficiency. Furthermore, while your truck won’t require a six-inch lift, it will need a good set of off-road or winter tires to tackle the more unpredictable terrain. Some other must-haves include the following:

  • Aftermarket floodlights to see through fog, rain, snow or the blood mist of your undead enemies
  • A steel bumper to plow through hoards of the walking dead

2. Carbon Steel Pan

This handy item got a comeback from the game “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.” A good carbon steel pan, which is basically just a thinner, lighter version of a cast iron, is a great cooking tool that can withstand any condition. But take that same tool and swing it at a zombie’s head and you’ll be able to put one down just as easily as you would with a steel baseball bat. Except you can’t cook with a baseball bat.

3. Gerber Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

And speaking of self-defense, Gerber, known for its camping knives and axes, makes this all-in-one blade kit for all your utilitarian and skull-crushing needs. For just under $300, you get seven pieces of cutlery and a carrying kit that can hold everything from small knives to a friggin’ battle-ax, all of which are good for chopping wood and slicing rotting brains.

4. Emergency Kit

Some people call it a “bug out bag,” and everyone needs one at the ready if and when the worst happens. Emergency kits hold the bare essentials to grab at a moment’s notice, and some can get pretty complicated. The goal here is to keep it simple and include some or all of the following:

  • A good, sturdy backpack (Army surplus is a great start)
  • Non-perishables like rice, beans and granola bars (freeze-dried Mountain House meals are great, too)
  • A layered outfit, including baselayers, socks, underwear, and a packable down coat
  • A small handgun with spare ammo (a 9mm is best because it’s more common and you could find more along the way)
  • $300-$500 in cash (but be prepared to lose it in a scramble)
  • A water filter
  • A steel pot to boil and purify water if boiling or cooking over a fire isn’t an option
  • A basic, lightweight first-aid kit (backpacking kits are a great option)
  • A pocket knife

With the right skills, a man could survive weeks on this pack alone. Add it to the rest of this list and you might actually survive the whole apocalypse.

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